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Unguarded Gestures 1

aluminum, painted wood, acrylic, 28" x 18" x 10"

Unguarded Gestures 1 -3 is the companion series to Guarded Gestures and consists of prosthetic-like neckpieces that encourage the wearer to perform varying degrees of open or assertive gestures. Unlike Guarded Gestures these pieces leave the midsection of the body exposed—from only slightly covering like the hands in pockets position of #1, to the open and assertive hands on hips of #2, to the more freeing active gesturing position of #3. This last piece is the only of the series of six that allows movement. The elbow supports keep the arms elevated but allow for rotation and pivoting so one can actively articulate their speech with gestures. Crafted of aluminum these pieces speak of the less self-conscious "lighter" emotions connected to these postures. When not worn, the pieces hang on frosted acrylic displays that resemble mirrors and have on their surface the dotted outline of a person assuming the same posture. The slightly reflective surface of the acrylic allows viewers to see their own posture, as they "fill in" the outline form with their reflection. The warm tones of the frameless displays seek to evoke the character of the gestures as well.

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