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Guarded Gestures 1

sterling silver, foam, silkscreened mirror, frosted glass, painted wood, 25" x 19" x 5"

Guarded Gestures #1-3 are prosthetic-like neckpieces that encourage the wearer to perform self-shielding, reserved gestures. Clasping the hands in a variety of ways in front of the body closes us off slightly from our environment and those around us, making us feel more comfortable and at ease—not too exposed. These pendants act as guards or shields in themselves and in the posture they encourage one to assume. When not worn, the pieces hang on frosted mirrors that have on their surface the outline of a person assuming the same posture. This display allows viewers to see their own posture, as they "fill in" the outline form with their reflection. This also serves as a reminder to viewers of their own body language—what posture are they in when they approach the piece? Studies show we are more apt to draw conclusions about other people's body language but ignore our own. The reflective component of this piece attempts to call attention to this issue and seeks viewers to consider the impact and meaning of their own posture.

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